Brake Repair & Service


You rely on your brakes to keep you safe and stop your vehicle whenever you need to. When your brakes are in need of help, it can pose a serious safety hazard to you, your passengers, and to other drivers out on the Georgia roads. The brakes allow your car to halt the forward momentum in order to come to a complete stop at traffic lights, turn corners, and to slow down without worrying about hitting the vehicle in front of you. When the brakes need attention, it’s time to come to Legendary Auto in Cumming, GA for brake repair and service.

There are several crucial warning signs to be aware of that may indicate you have braking system trouble. First, listen for any unusual screeching, grinding, or squealing sound. These usually indicate your brakes need attention. Of your car feels like it “grinds” when you come to a stop or your steering column shakes, these are indicators of brake trouble. Another common red flag is when your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake, or your car wobbles or vibrates when you drive at highway speeds. And finally, if your brakes feel “spongy” or you have to press harder than normal on the brake pedal, it’s time for a brake inspection.

One of the most common brake problems is simply due to wear and tear on the brake pads or rotors. The brake pads create friction whenever you stop and this is what slows your vehicle down. The rotors disperse heat that keeps your brakes from overheating. It’s easy to see why both of these parts can and will wear down over time. Thankfully, these parts are an easy fix. Low or leaking brake fluid is another common issue with braking systems. This fluid is necessary to create the turning force in your braking system. It pushes the pedal to create pressure which is what helps your car slow down or stop. Brake fluid also protects the metal parts of your brakes and keeps them from corroding.

A regular brake inspection can ensure that your vehicle is operating safely. Let our technicians test your brake pad thickness, look at the calipers, check the brake fluid levels and condition, and inspect all other brake hardware. We will also look closely at the brake hoses since these can wear out over time. We’ll also check your rotors to determine if they need to be replaced or resurfaced. With regular inspections, you can make sure that your brakes are in good condition so you can stay safe out on the roadways.

For your vehicle service and repair needs, be sure to visit the experts at Legendary Auto in Cumming, GA or give us a call at 678-571-3521 to talk to one of our friendly staff members and schedule an appointment.

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