Steering & Suspension


The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle are crucial to your car’s functionality and to the overall well-being of the vehicle. These systems are also important to the safety of yourself and your passengers. If you notice any issue with the steering or suspension in your vehicle, it’s time to let the pros at Legendary Auto in Cumming, GA take a closer look. We are dedicated to making sure you receive honest, transparent, and high-quality services. We will diagnose the issues, inform of you all repair plans, and then take all the steps necessary to get your vehicle back on the road in a safe manner.

Signs of Trouble

Your steering system features several different components that help your vehicle move. This system works together with the transmission, wheels, and driveshaft to help you turn corners and drive in a straight line. When anything fails or has trouble, your car’s performance can suffer. Some common signs of trouble include if you notice grinding, rumbling, or whining sounds when you drive. You may also notice sudden vibrations when you shift gears or that you’re having trouble turning tight corners.

The suspension system is also part of this total system, and it’s crucial to your vehicle’s overall functionality. As you drive, your car creates incredible force, vibrations, and inertia that can have an effect on the frame of your vehicle. In order for the frame to handle all this wear and tear, the suspension must always be in balance. Loud noises and vibrations, extreme tire wear, and issues with your alignment that are recurring are all signs of suspension system trouble.

Your car relies on a healthy steering and suspension system to keep your vehicle safe. Regular checks of these systems can help keep you safe, and it will also save you money in the long term. If you suspect that your suspension or steering needs attention, don’t wait. Take your vehicle to us and we’ll perform a thorough diagnosis and take any steps necessary to get things working the way they should. A healthy system will give you better fuel efficiency and more confidence whenever you’re out on the road.

For your vehicle service and repair needs, be sure to visit the experts at Legendary Auto in Cumming, GA or give us a call at 678-571-3521 to talk to one of our friendly staff members and schedule an appointment.

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